Download Videocore

Videocore is a revolutionary piece of software which allows you to create your own video powered website or add video to your current site in seconds! VideoCore comes with a powerful administrative backend and media management tools.

You can download Videocore from the download now link to your right, or you can copy it directly to your server from the command line by following the instructions below.

# wget
# tar -zxf videocore_3.6.tar.gz


Before you start installing videocore, if this is a new installation then you will need to set up the config file. This is located at /includes/config.php.default

For a new installation simply copy this file and give it permissions

cp /includes/config.php.default /includes/config.php
chmod 766 /includes/config.php

Now simply point your browser to the /install folder

NOTE: You will need to have created a MySql database for use with videocore before hand and have the username and password ready for the installer.

Get up and running

If this is your first time using Videocore, then once you have downloaded it head over to our installation guide and follow the instructions there on how to get up and running.

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  • Latest Version 3.6
  • Video Encoding yes
  • Media Mamanger yes
  • Language support yes
  • Remote Embedding yes
  • SEO Optimization yes
  • Requires Linux, Apache, PHP
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