• What Is LoadAvg ?

    LoadAvg is a powerful and lightweight method of monitoring load, memory usage and transfer throughput on Linux and cloud servers.

  • Does LoadAvg create load on my server?

    Every method of monitoring has an impact on the system being monitored, LoadAVG is designed to keep that impact as low as possible by moving the charting and visual rendering into the browser, keeping it off your server.

  • Do I have to pay for LoadAvg

    LoadAVG is Free Software that us published under the GPL, and the source code is available to everyone to inspect, change, download, and explore.

  • What is Open Source?

    Open source is software created by a community of people who are dedicated to working together in a highly collaborative and evolutionary way.


  • What is the logger?

    LoadAvg polls your system information and stores this data to its log files for easy access. This is done via a simple cron script called logger.php that needs to be set up before LoadAvg will work.

  • How does the logger work

    LoadAVG polls your system information and stores this data in log files using a simple script called logger.php that needs to be run every 6 minutes via a cron tab entry.


  • Can LoadAvg help me with security?

    LoadAvg can help you to spot peak load times or DOS and unauthorized attempts to access your systems by clearly showing you system activity over time.

  • Is LoadAvg secure?

    You can configure LoadAvg to be accessible via a password protected login page, and you can run LoadAvg over ssl for additional security.